Sunday, July 5, 2015

QsDynamics XII Semi-classical Computation and Chiral Gravity

QsDynamics XII

Comment to Joseph M.   The topological insulator is simply the topology.  There is a human element to our semi-classical notions and computations.  What this amounts to in our era is to ask ourselves, including what may be hidden in the mix, what do we really mean by solutions to equations, especially when we consider things like the holographic principle as our methods of the calculus which on the constructible face of it seems to be a total solution.  But this is not my idea yet one of those at the frontier of our research.  I will say that the E8 exceptional group involved, at least Euclidean, was my choice from the beginning as to how early string ideas seemed to focus from solutions of the whole.

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Many over the years have taken the simple paper clip in their office and made long chains of them. It occurred to me there were a lot more things one can do with the symmetry of this simple shape.  I include in this photo the magnetic wooden stamps for my prototype acrylic game board supports.  In this I also put the ratio of chiral loops (as say internal frequencies) to which the half alphabet or the transparent one (without the spaghetti) when spin seem to reverse direction - and yet if we reverse the loop it has no difference in the alphabetic shapes as if these asymmetric.  So there is a place where the backreaction is at once both symmetric and asymmetric intrinsically.  We see here that also we can regard the internal connections as parallels or a sort of square wave themselves accentuating the perpendicular axes with respect to the whole as preternaturally both continuous or discrete.

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It is not the gambling itself that as part of the picture risks the totality of interpretations, but the idea of what in a theory is guaranteed on some level... pre-existing conditions or not... but the insurance for the models and their building. Things can get confusing when the total state is vanishing, when our servicing the debt to old ideas can no longer afford the co-payments and yet we remain here, even if bankrupt.

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The light green and red stars can be interchanged as 24 + 1 = 25 as if on the roads a surface squared, thus the strength of the standard model...the grey and dark yellow are the same, and the background is much wider in conception than this minimal symbolic universe. The Hampton Yacht club pennant is a tapering red triangle on dark or navy blue - can be almost black. There are other considerations of the colors like the major background could be cosmic latte.or its inverse. Some colors off spectrum, cyan and magenta, become white with the four point stars. Also when there are 36 radial things these can be an additional three or six in the count... note that here also we detect a 90 degree spin of the cube where it passes thru the center point.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Quasic Dynamic Systems XI

I am amazed how hard for most people the simple geometric visualizations are hard to understand.  Not enough is taught early on of the fundamentals.  Or we have forgotten how to read and have to relearn to communicate thru stained glass windows.  But if, evidently, I have not been successful in my communication so could be deeply wrong - nevertheless, as a human I am proud that at least one of us understood some things of our simple equations written on the shifting beaches and tides in the sand.

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to jaya :   I have tried but never had much luck trying to find unique prime numbers by any of my geometric methods... it seems like this should be the case somehow. My last thoughts were that if a number is a class of things then primes are a class of things arranged dynamically in hierarchies, perhaps. 7 and 8... 7x8 = 56. much about Iron...and hard to see as much as any geometric intuition... harder because it is so familiar in our human scale than say a prime number can be thought of as just an uncertain quantum entity. Three Fano planes = 21 a triangular number but in a wider sense of such number theory formulas this number has special properties not just as a triangular number just like in counting half the points on a dodecahedron we subtract 2 from the totality in 3D... and the equator of these points is like a flat 2D disc. Of course this generalizes back reaction of Newton in the sense we recognize the case from the linear and inverse square law dualities... I wonder which concept Newton saw first?

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Quasic Dynamics 10 Icosahedral Symmerty and Quasifinite Global Numerology

Quasic Dynamics 10  Icosahedral Symmerty and Quasifinite Global Numerology

In the first photo we see the faces of the die opposite each other add to 21.  The die on the right is a test sample of 3D printing (contains a honeycomb) and the numbers also in Braille.  This was a friends idea and I will suggest to him a better arrangement.  The touch and sight aspects of physics, what in particular is not a clear die that floats in salty water is an important concept if they are to be fair dice... on the other hand we can program the insides not seen to bias the accumulation of plastic nodes.

In the second photo I am sure that many of my theory friends can see parts of their own work in the general theory.  Quasic boundaries are a simple gauge that tell me so much and what dualites are on this difference of inside and outside and more that these are also an ideal preternatural mirror, at least in our idea of what matter or gravity is...  My friends 3D printing shows me how difficult the visualization of the space structures are... the 1 face was flat but as always with a last face to close the nature of it is implied.  The delta epsilon is a deeper symmetry to the epsilon delta and so on...

Consider the numbering of icosahedral and dodecahedral dice used by the gamers.

QsDyn IX General Stereonometry

Physics, Metaphysics, and Stereonometry (intuiting the lost book of Aristotle) Here in the 9th post on the quasic view I offer thoughts on our notions of complex organic and physical systems to the extent we understand what is needed for our digital and analog deeply mirrored encoding systems.

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July 2... I have to admit that Lubos got my attention early on by his method of calling other physicists  crackpots or worse... many I encountered on line.  Surely this is no way to do real science or for that matter a non-biased objective way to develop a unified mathematics as fundamental physics.  But I do not mean to put the guest scientist down as I do not know him, respect his era of training, and mind open to the problems at hand I presume.  Besides, I do not know what they teach in school anyway...  So Lubos, here is a memo for you my humble correspondent from someone worse you said than a crackpot... But I do this with the probably false need to defend my on-line thinkers. But it is not that I or anyone will take your bait much longer... Nor wait for something original and new that may add to our wisdom from him.   Olaf Hohm of MIT is Lubos "guest blog speaker."  First of all the theory presented does not cover all the "super- symmetries" involved via the geometry of the  tori. While it is not aware of its narrow view is claims another view is recently and excitingly popular in the last five years that came just after string theory - but it is those alternatives that are said the narrow view.  This is like Lubos to sense something possibly exciting as a breakthrough then claim the past history of its development arising from string theory. I am sure the universe does not care about the propaganda of such revisionism as much as say MIT does...Olaf, Motl has used you for his purposes!  In the openning paragraph you are wrong anyway...some of this is old and some new (Sabine has a bold new take on this of which sharks rapidly go for the chub of their sinking ship) But as old this came well before string theory and is not even grounded on the ideas of six dimensional spaces from over a hundred years ago.  The age of such physics is over... but will Lubos ever get over it?  Does science not come together in praise when the evidence comes forth after  great debate or are we forever in a loop of our grandfather's ideological preoccupations?  PS, you cannot claim you are heirs to the quantum theory either.

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

QD-viii Yaan-jin Jai-Baba Jayagens (Jgm)

Jayagens (Jgm)  It seems a major issue in our approaches to string theory or some other form of topological and arithmetic partitioning as to if symmetry can be broken outside of constructible space in two directions or more up and down to scaling or that in the center scale view symmetry is sustained where exponentially the top down and bottom up of structures balance out.  We do not need to show how crystals form by our sense of touch on the atomic scale when it can be done with interlocking tooth picks... other than some sense of observation in viewing such scales as physical and experimental evidence (which as the jayastrings may be opened or closed, certain and uncertain abstract objects or entities).

* * *

From whatever may be the underpinning of quantum theory concepts, be they algebra, some form of dimensioned geometry, or deeper properties of arithmetic,  Entropy and the message it contains is the personal joker in the deck.
While we have dramatic situations that seem limited in number they combine in many ways and it seems sooner or later we reach for the furthest variations in culture periods of late sensate art.  We have tried to break out of this limitation with little success.  But given enough time would any screen play as if an imagination of possible worlds appear so as to write itself or what will be written or what was not so written?  This thought a personalized form of time travel.
How then can an egg not in a sense come back together if from the foundations it can rise again?  Do things expand as pink noise or if that has a hidden mirror, ultragreen, do we not come back to the arrow of time again where the actors take on the roles and in real time ride on or fight against the linearity of it all, the white noise?

* * *

Yes... and can this image be reversed in time? Can it be unwound as if instead of cylinder or worm hole shape it describes things as if restricted to a single brane?  Globally, that is as a unified physical theory is there a dynamic difference in the fermion-boson conversion or viewing?  Do we ignore or think of entropy (time-like in description) as if this form of directed abstract movement to some end-beginning in effect  'memory' as in the case of the spine being part of the processing in learning (see sci daily today)?  Consider (mathematical) reconsideration of the Big Rip model... as Hoyle said of the Big Bang and the quasars - Not just one Big Rip but many Little Rips.  If for internal changes varying the earth's rotation so we need to add leap seconds does it really make sense to use quasars as a reference point as if they and not the earth's field does not vary?  What happens if this ideal linear information trace in  some higher sense loops on itself in some more general form of what we mean by gravity?  While Humpty Dumpty can be a surface in these interacting low dimensions of which a small part determines the form of the curvature of the whole, can the complexity be recovered over the quasifinite span where the egg shell is broken to the extent the information can be put together again?  If this is a question of divergent paths in space is it also capable of describing divergent time where convergence or unity of space and time are also one general unified primordial picture? Of course it would be much clearer if I could actually see the working equations and assumptions that generate the simulated pictures. :-)

A packet for Joseph Kover... the application as a metaphor to his simulation...

Monday, June 29, 2015

QDvii Xgen Praeternatural Group Cosmologies

QuasicDynamics 7 ;  Details later... consider intricate regions of different colors that do not necessarily connect save only abstractly in the cosmology...

QuasicDynamics 7b... Vorx probabilities and questions of virial real or abstract dimensional symmetry...

Quasic Dynamics vi : Further thoughts on its Implications


From the measure of distance in the quasic grid from the Surreal (Conway) view we can plot where certain levels of discrete games will emerge if we find an evolution at certain nodes to so plot the preternatural state of the abstract space into some direction...this is the greater rule beyond where in a quasic n-dimensional chessgame that in general may not distinguish the wins or draws with certainty we observe at least a duality as to what are systems and subsystems of the binary powers in unity. This post on fb contains some of the thoughts on this.

So, the good news is that this rule has its place in the totality of  concrete and abstract considerations - a sort of logic as issues of degrees of freedom, and that with a little tweaking our existing notations can be useful in describing the general state of things.  Are you asking me for further discussion?   The logical space, concrete or abstract at some level we see in the chaos of small changes in QM influencing great changes at some state will approach unity... this unity is like a conceptual lens where this rule may be expressed in different abstract dimensions without contradiction... and what we see thru it is after all the results and interpretations of what we actually see in the slit experiments regardless of if we or the apparatus chooses to observe the underlying primitive space so as to apply such a "mysterious" rule.  On a calculator a^n + b^n approaches 1 does it not? In a sense you are saying fundamental things, information theory like, which tends to agree with my simple statement that more than just the algebra is involved here but more like the arithmetic. Under the surface of truly balanced equations, at the in-variance of our zones of horizons information can be said to be equal  between dimension, say 2D into 3D mapping.  But if in the quantum sense we allow a still deeper grounding as a matter of widest uncertainty thus widest degrees of freedom we need more to explain general possibilities of theory.  There is nothing "mysterious" about  higher dimensions (Euclidean at least) but it seems to me that our minds are such a lens, perhaps partial also in its directions as to what is formal necessity, that observes and computes these things regardless if space is absolute, empty, or distance as remote measure, or that in effect or real such a Born like juxtaposition of mirrors we say some dimensions or values can be useful in the description a concrete rather than just methods of simplification of formulas otherwise very cumbersome or  if expanded almost impossible to reduce over all of time.

 [ This posted  in comment to Neil Bates on the Born Rule that for some reason does not seem to show up there.  But it does relate to what I call Quasic Dynamics 6 posting notes pending inspired by Jaya's clay model as both concrete and abstract as was the case in predicting the near future models in my candle making designs-  In general designs are two years delayed before someone thinks of them and the most improbable design is thought of and bought by someone- yet the general principles can be taken and expanded on by someone. For me I took hints from structures of things like branching in nature of the flora around me for a starting point.  It seems the great problem in a start up or proposal of ideas is that in principle one has to compete with oneself for access of forces in the market place if our ideas make a difference and are not indirectly shared.]

As far as this limitation over the abstract directions and divisions in the representations where our sentience can be described as such a lens or useful physical device, The King is more limited in moves unlike the Queen or knight save in looping reflections in abstract x y z  3D directions so in 3D the board where the piece is he particle and the board the field the total cells regardless of boundary is reduced by 1/4 th an so on...

* * *

And the stars also...  How deeply am I seeing?  37 and 73