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Returning to Blog Posting Soon

Returning to Blog Posting Soon

L. Edgar Otto   November 2013

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Trans-generational Analogs of Higgs Fields In Quasic SUSY Q Theory

Trans-generational Analogs of Higgs Fields In Quasic SUSY Q Theory

L. Edgar Otto  October 29, 2013

Intuitive simplification in cosmology while excessive but replete in potential, by the nonnecessity of human imagination, may ground. Standard theory via quasic trans-generational analogs as supersymmetric Higgs fields defining quantum gravity. SUSY - Q.

I.  The quasic structure describes the particles of the standard theory with that of general cosmological and biological entities...  As Penrose suggested about the QM theory as equivalent descriptions, the idea of an emerging time implies the idea of consciousness as a dynamic influence as creative.

II. Current ideas relating to black holes, equivalence principles, dark matter, and properties of linear or plane lattices of what happens on the nano-scale for magnetism is not only a fractal energy but that of holographic solutions with proper information algorithmic and particle physical structure.  In this formulation the natural ideas of antimatter-matter, hidden or dark (calyptic) matter, and leptons as a fourth level and Higgs as a 17 particle and so on... is the natural SUSYQ idea of symmetry.

III. The contributions of inertia as in the form of mass or gravity obeys this general structure where the measures of the specific cases should be worked out.

IV. In relation to quasifinite momentum of light substance to the dark influence of black holes as a plane of limited extent (as if a disc or complex number field) we suggest the explanation as to why our galaxy oscillated up and down to the disc as well as general objects move in one direction... and that in the totality or Omnium of the Planck map view we may have differences of value in preferred entangled chiral directions
This akin to the solar cycle.

V. May we not expect higher field and particles of the Higgs like variety at least to four or five generations and that the symmetry breaking is not necessarily spontaneous

VI. The general idea is that in the 3+1 formalism the mediators represent the three of four dimensions of an Euclidean orthogon in question.  Complimentarity of such supermirrors exists also up to octonions.  The quasic ordering 00 01 10 11 (in a plane) comes up in matrices and determinant theory

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Big Baby Bounce or Inflation and Other Unnecessary Ghost Force Assumptions

Big Baby Bounce or Inflation and Other Unnecessary Ghost Force Assumptions

L. Edgar Otto   24 October, 2013

I cannot find the comment I posted, the realization that at some point an idea was foundation enough that it led me to follow many other things... sometimes the telling of something to someone in a social context awakens in oneself a clearer and more detailed comprehension of what one is more deeply trying to say.  I thought it was casually said on Sabine's facebook page.

Casually, that in a sense as far as dark matter the universe itself is a gravitational lens... but that is not a new idea other than seeing the cosmos as if an analog to our collider... that is to see the  idea of light from a beginning as a dynamic system, a combination of some of our physics debates and ideas.  So I read a report that in a cyclic universe the inflation concept is not needed to account for isometry (and that from previous cycles of the universe the small close regions of new structures is shown possible by the usual modern physics)  I think as computer simulation thought experiments...  I will find all the links and post them here one day.

I did not post this "We ultimately cannot distinguish the cyclic universe from those of a more intrinsically linear model, that is the wave particle duality can have dimensionless scaling to which in an open or partly open universe renders this a principle that seeks unity as does our search for a unified physics.

I said that if we go to the beginning or as far as we can see into the sky maps, what may be the sort of math or physics as if beneath the Planck scale that as a statistics and continuity is in the main a ubiquitous universal law, a sort of isometry... How we in fact resolve things like Cantors transfinite numbers at least in the lower levels of such applied to structures of dimensions.  That is with finer data we could see from any such beginning in a sea of continuous or discrete (geometric points such as orthogons and in them orthogons and so on... we would find the hot and cold spot more an more like a lattice of which in the dynamics we observe the general diversity of structures and guarantees the isometry of this intelligible universe in general.

As quasi-finite or contiguous the "atmosphere" is observed on many levels of which it seems the new results of things like superconductivity, graphene, magnetism and the study of the fluid forms of small layers as in Sabine's recent posts from her time in Sweden, as a third way a sort of quantum foam level in flatland that we view out from the middle scales and does relate to the influence of the Casmir and dark effects... and somehow what we mean by inertia as if a measure of mass or gravity.

If as we may imagine the points of such structures, and the deeper laws for particle generations not just flavor changes of neutrinos by quantum ideas, moreover the hierarchy of broken symmetry not spontaneous only but as a given including other structures, lines, curves and so on then this foundation of things is a given, and while it can explain ghost forces it does not need such a force in itself necessarily short of the usual assumed unlimited ideas of a Deity and those philosophic issues... (the Theotericontinuum).  the assumption of the lesser ghosts as a defect of the inflation idea that some assume has to have an explanation, perhaps casual, something to explain the source of such light is not needed but as a working idea for this foundational given.

Of course the quasic idea does not distinguish at  the singularity level, where we face the questions like why the world rather than not the world, the idea of nothingness absolutely and as quiet instead of sucking things out from a container or vacuum when a vacuum can exist in a pure form with no such higher vibrations or equations only blowing up out from finer foam.  For we answser in the general distinguishing of superimposition, issues of locality, the many and one of things like he universe, the direction and imbalances of  pairs of material, anti-material or neutral things that are somehow chiral-parity but cancelling out. one or many universes the same thing.  Yet we may in knowing his foundational physics actually create physical models such as the ideas of super-partners for these are not foundational. in the deepest sense- that is while we may create stars from scratch it is not clear it is possible to create a universe in the vague sense of it.

Now, having achieved this level of theory comprehension let us not sit on our laurels for there may be deeper surprised yet and a civilization should not fossilize against new foundational breakthroughs for time itself is a unity in the quasifinite sense...physics will remain, at least for now, something at the frontier forever interesting and something intimate to our thoughts, experiments, and observations. If we declare some things as impossible or this or that an illusion let us make sure that the limitations are not a defect in our thinking itself, a sense of certainty too soon.

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By way of review:

When it rains it pours. relevant articles beneath insulation topologically sideways in the quantum foam...

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More Lubosity   I quote:  "This seems really necessary because one may at least formally calculate the speed of sound in the environment as
and if |w|>1, we would get a sound speed that is greater than the speed of light! Alternatively, if the component Tzz were negative and greater than T00 in its magnitude, you could go to a highly boosted frame in which you would have T0′0′<0 .="" a="" allowed="" along="" also="" bad="" be="" blame="" constant="" cosmological="" could="" created="" density="" energy="" equations="" especially="" for="" global="" have="" if="" in="" is="" localized="" marginally="" modifications="" momentum="" negative="" non-object="" nothing="" objects="" of="" on="" out="" p="" positive-energy="" regardless="" seems="" similar="" so="" some="" the="" their="" they="" this="" unstable.="" vacuum="" well-behaved="" with="" would="" you="">

My casual remark that within these rather geometric higher dimensional symmetries of physics that we could perhaps build a sun from scratch I really did think in the realm of philosophy and is found sometimes in science fiction... are objects related to the field or not as in Einstein's cosmic background concept?

synchronicity again - this after seeing this photo on facebook:

Lubosity2  Firewalls I find it interesting... in this brave attempt of resolving such paradoxes using the last swan song of quantum framework written as it was toward the favorable by Lubos... It accepts casually several of the demeaned intuitions of some of our alternative as well as professional theory physicists.  Welcome to pushing the paradoxes into a higher level of physical reality as if the issue is solved by such a balanced in method but isolate hierarchy of Chinese dolls... it will not allow in itself the extension of the uncertainty principle (outside this wall of ghostly ignorance to which it seems to smugly set with the usual resolutions of paradoxes just touching on thing like Hilbert space embedded and vaguely defined mirrors. I mean do we trade the question of naked singularity into a wide field of geometric naked non-singularity and what of conservation laws that even string theory does not dare to answer, nor the idea of a naked non-singularity as an arbitrary choice?)  This has me wondering just how much the gods and disciples of theorists really know what they believe.  Especially how this related to say dark substance ideas.  Where is the same  idea... that is after all the realization of just how dynamic the universe is or has to be in such models, entropy better grounded and so on...  So the information on the outside is that on the inside? what then describes these ghostly dynamic emergent differences in idea such as holography.  Where in particular is the wider idea that we could use to extend the ideas of string and brane theory in these binary ideas of continuity?  Do I conclude in this narrow focus, after all not so much a wave equation as some reason the matrices of Hissenberg sift thru what can be the closed span of physical reality, dynamic, deeper or otherwise, that our humble correspondent has switched sides to the Loop Quantum Camp so as to guarantee that paradox such that he maintains the quantum formalism and seems to shore up its scope to nothing deeper we can know of the various descriptions of but one form of black holes.  Still there seems to be a general awakening in the wind as strange perhaps as we imagined evolving to new layers of consciousness as dark atoms in the work on such wormhole ideas and p-adics already considered by Pitaken in TGD.  The paper was not bad work and it was difficult work but we have not resolved the paradoxes at the greater unity or intelligibly of the foundations...  What do we lose by holding to this sort of theory that it stays around?  We lose the predictability of some technical effects and biological understanding now focusing to new levels by vague guesses as the technical access goes - but ever so slowly.  I get the feeling that Lubos thinks we will deficate our pants as we are not potty trained and that the only purpose of this report of a novel and exciting if not advanced enough idea when he seems to need to change his diaperohedron.

* * *  addenum on Oct.25, 2013  * * * * then late Oct. 25 :

I keep thinking about what I think I saw in a shared link on fb from Sabine...  namely a  physical experiment that is a hardware form of my unresolved teleoscoping information theory in my manuscripts of 1995 trying to recall what I had seen in 74.  Book:  Instruction and Being.   It seemed all to easy to work the problems out in a plane instead of a line to see what preceded by what can follow what and where loops would fall out of the determinism (which lately I see proves an advantage)  I think it was the way I set up the information in the thematic dial...  still, this suggests that after such "super?determinism" there are still issues or concepts to be resolved.  What would the technology effects on the nano scale be if we made a fiber or lattice plane of these linear things as to how they act between them and to each other...?  Can this effect  be coupled to particle data such that we can, if we limit the direction of the apparatus, to see them as in cosmic rays?  Quasi holographic and quasi fractal models can have a part in all this.   A C D B as linear...

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Lubos Implodes into Quantum Stringy Foam

Lubos Implodes into Quantum Stringy Foam

L. Edgar Otto    October 22, 2013

I almost did not bother to read anymore of our humble correspondent's blogspot but hoping there was some meat in the initial title relating to the idea that some claim a string (now how we get from that to M theory without just more confusion and complication is the same issue or problem) it has zero dimensions - and we accept that it is unreachable... obviously the quantum view as time the thermodynamic summing as an arrow as if a string (despite its contribution in theory, even if not a complete one for physics) which in fact are still not effective for problems of symmetry that does not go far into what are the solid laws of thermodynamics and not tentative speculations.  He bans all the so called quantum theory detractors, citing history on one hand as a settled situation and on the other hand space as a wide landscape that can reach the same sort of geometric solutions for a given space.  But this is not a principle to which he divides theory into the quantitative and qualitative as if there cannot be more subtle third or more terms or physics (this is after all not just an appeal to a unified physics in a sort of Marxian synthesis (a Greek idea really from the position of characters in a play to which string theory by itself cannot be the God in the Machine to solve the plot- while there is humor in that some who watch the play in the amphitheater of public debate just have not evolved their understanding to be aware of the irony.  I would imagine Lubos at a crossroad where it was hoped his contributions, of which there are some as reporting on historical figures, has walled himself off from the dialog to which we may have to give up the hope that his freedom found in the wider possibilities of physics that QM seems to give him would not constrain him into a narrow domed firewall of introspection.

Yes, dear Lubos, it is your blog and my offense that you demean the likes of Baez or Sabine after what seems a long thought out discussion is about as mediocre as my reporting it on my personal blog to which we should agree not to waste each others time.  Would the logic not follow from your assertions that time may not be so solid a concept and space in structure (the so called amplitudohedron and so on) the source of rational physics? Is your concept of time so linear... yes, a great metaphor that we do not feel the train moving while we are in it... but time itself if it does indeed violate Lorentz (yet the vase and broken vase then it coming together again is not foreign to the idea that what appears illusion cannot find a final synthesis) then reading your take on history seems concerned with different eras and ideologies such that the coherence and consistency of your view stands well as far as it goes but is a mystery of hidden values that is unlikely to appear even with great sigmas of data and intelligence close to the best of possible general theories.

Clearly, even if the secret to our minds and body is reduced to the quality of our DNA (after all is chemistry not about quantum theory as a foundation?) we have the violation of symmetry in the universe of ones multi-cellular flesh that as recently suggested going to the nuts and bolts of the chemicals involved regardless of issues of locality... the cells of  a hierarchy of tissue (and perhaps our thoughts) age differently.  Yes, to the baboon our lifespan is longer and we are wiser due to a more coherent brain by superior sperm (as you say look for these articles in "Nude Scientist")  But how dare you think your wisdom is more advanced and contemporary than any of our lady scientists whose boobs have aged much faster than you and have had a much longer experience with the nature of gravity?

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Chiral Dyslexia and Intelligibility

Chiral Dyslexia and Intelligibility

L. Edgar Otto  October 17, 2013

In this essay I am pondering the role of chirality as in the model of our bilaterally symmetric brains where it seems much an analogy to patterns of things like atoms or the universe from certain centered models.  This comes from seeing comments more than reading the papers on the various media to which it has been a help to me in trying to make clearer the ideas.  After all this blog is called Creative Science and Philosophy, a title taken off the top of my head as the key illustration on dark matter issues and so on which feels to me like it becomes more and more part of the evolving solutions.

Part of this is subjective, that is the recent article that testing what is subjective time influences by the question the perception in older people of their chronological age to report... but no effect in the young. what the article does not address is this mirror effect in the young to which they enact their perceptions.  One should hardly conclude certain psychological ideas as possible promises to a science of the mind to casually say this may have bearing on certain mental diseases but these are vague in a spectrum anyway and the article concerned our relation to music. I bookmarked and will document later at the end of this essay.

In the analogical stance, as long as it is true as is said of geometric analogy. I made the casual comment that the universe itself seems to be dyslexic and chiral issues would be good exercises for our mind if that is a problem more than the rate of vibrations in our perception,  But this direction is still a work in progress and the wider issue of how our emotions actually are involved.

By the way I am here using the close term intelligible as that required in electronic circuit design to  balance the loss of sensitivity between the left and right ears to find a balance between the higher and lower frequencies and a few bumps in between.  The differences in ageing and sensitivity is a qualitative leap.

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Quantum cats in black and white or the symmetry breaking in an abstract crystal field photo

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A comment to Phil and Sabine on fb concering this article :  (other relevant comments to other people come later)

Boring article... what if neutrinos are Majorana and not at the same time (or other such particles)... such an idea would be creative and could account for something entirely new that does not depend on previous speculations... the matter anti-matter difference will be explained on a deeper level... in the meantime we find other expensive big experimental machines trapped in the presumed history of former speculations... one such is the idea that all things are connected and nothing creative can be there in isolation...something can be isolated, such as an idea, yet intimate to the workings of the whole should it vanish...a chip along these lines does not design itself as humans would, and it has not clocks.  Is this not the local and non-local issue... to understand this is to predict what in our theories and experiments will be useful information, as in Bell.  But this is not to say absolute chance or necessity as a concept, in predictions as determination, are not part of the bigger picture or half the half glass as a total picture.  The creative partner of pragmatism is its embedding into the nonnecessary universe with exceptions paradoxically but logically not forbidden.

* * * *

So Lubos has some interesting takes on  "Shut Up and Calculate"  posted just after mine... Yea, the issue was settled in 1927 and for quantum relativity too... and we have made no progress since then and are cranks to even consider it...  I agree it may or may not be just a matter of popularity-  Feynman was a creative soul "not afraid to call an idiot an idiot", idiot.   Bizinga!

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  From time to time over my presence on blogspot I have made some comments to the U-Duality blogspot.
These in themselves have gradually evolved as I understood the ideas and terminology better.  So I got a  reply to a comment I posted  (I probably saved it somewhere in my informal way since more than once in any commenting my access to internet system is intermittent these days...)...  But I have found the page on that site  not existing...  I am not sure why, hope it was nothing I said or the informal way I said it at the frontier of ideas so I post it here for future reference.  By the way that blog has a bookstore of which at the last entries there is a collection of them relating to quantum gravity.  I think I linked to this blog as it was mentioned by Kea's blog in a thanks to him for his help to her in some theories.

Thanks for the reply.

The expression and possibilities of information (perhaps considered beyond group theory as we know it) is the open question.  But why does the universe privilege as we do what is considered real or imaginary.  If in entering the higher level of complex numbers as octonions (here we find difficulties and have to convert into Cartesian representations and back and back again if we try to use addition itself as notation.)  Euler's identity and all that... but frequency of sines add to since if the same, that is superimposition which we find the real value.  This is electromagnetics 101- so you must mean a higher form of electromagnetism or its analogs.

The universe, information-wise is intelligible... holographic ideas are not foundational for the information on a surface is identical to that in the volume in the adjacent dimensions.  What happens at the mirror surface of such a conceptual link between these mathematical dualities?  The same sorts of arguments apply to ideas of supersymmetry also.

The problem is how we combine he discrete and continuous... that in an infinity there can be a cycle of but one.  A quasifinite universe is that real range of contiguous things in between.

Our formulas also should be a little more relaxed and general as to what we mean by even and odd dimensions with 0 or 2 centers for a sea of matrices has many eigen diagonals, some perpendicular to the usual ones... projective a fractal sense of scale to which we need to better understand he nature of particle generations and the surface as thermodynamic to which we find idea of gravity and magnetism.  and so on...

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I posted this comment on viXra org blog:

Sexual analogies ring a bell close to our hearts that despite the vagueness most people seem to understand. Why? Imagine an individual is an n-dimensional bilaterally symmetric complex geometry limited by the properties of math at the octonions. What happens if two lucky souls are superimposed to mixed groups? Especially if in a weightless attractive environs. But what a new geometry outside oneself to explore, rationally as Greek science and mystically with a sense of beauty.

The light from inside the jack-o-lantern carved with our happy faces may not keep Nature there very well, no matter how permanent our markers or tattoos we try to solve on the surface- Plato’s cave and all that or some mythic lovers long to be one again. Or how we may say hidden in our psyches some Freudian slip that makes the interpretation of our lonely dreams described by Lamb-glands, Vive l’difference as we share wisdom and beauty in the Maths and hold to a dream that She is our universe and everything.

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This was for a short film and book review.    In the illustration Omnium  I am considering an address reserved for a top level domain(s) of the newer endings... I also using paint did some experiments with the type with filimbration...  the Omnium as a web between the point singularity and multiplicity thus projected as quasi-finite between unity and complexity as multiplicity.
* * * 

The first physics, classical to modern   (Qlassical, Ql) as observation goes beyond the event horizons into higher uncertainties....  Toward the superdupper Omnium,worlds of diffuse fields and clues of focused grids including dark matter-energy quasi-observable mechanisms.  Do we who dare break thru that atmosphere between the music and the spheres of Omnia see but copies of ourselves or others as our eyes infer in the emptiness that we touch a cave wall we too are as solid as the cave in our echos of blindness?

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Monday, October 14, 2013

Isomnium Dark Isotopal Symmetry Principle

Isomnium Dark Isotopal Symmetry Principle

L. Edgar Otto    14 October, 2013

A Super-standard Quantum-Relativity Aethereal Speculation (10:29:03 AM)  isotope + omnium

In a dark matter (quasi-independent dark energy) atom the conservation of balance with finer differences between the dark proton and neutrons,  the values are variable in differences in the same dimensional generation span... this is akin to the idea in light matter of mass-energy differences between resonances of Higgs-like entities.

But in the more general dark-light matter principles the idea of supersymmetry is more a quasifinite in matters of locality and non-locality which can be imagined in the fabric of space and time, diverging and converging, equally thermodynamically directional thus intimate to the quasic physics of multi-dimesionless hologaphic-fractal multi-views of black holes...

Where math meets physics at a scientific level of inquiry at the next level of still vague philosophic continua frontiers of theory and physicality.

* * * *

Leo Vuyk looked at the 34 magic number isotope stability issue and rapidly sent me this great reply  Oct.15th .

* * * *
I add this illustration as art, a suggestive more than formal look at some simple numbers and notations- it is just a doodle but sometimes in such play we stumble on the profound... anyway I was not thinking about anything else no media or net on after a refreshing walk to the convenience store at night in the rain.

The black board- white board without the fumes of the markers:  some numbers presented without the steps of checks with the calculator to remind me of some interesting directions.

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Now, if I just can find that comment on the quality of PhD's and my critique of the plasma project at the University of Wisconsin, Madison I saw this afternoon on pbs...  then this science daily article

Synchronicity kicks in, and as if in controlled magnetic lines where the surface of sun can be hotter than parts inside...  

  • Lisa  I'd say the quality of the Ph.D's.
    5 hours ago · Unlike · 1
  • L. Edgar Otto You could be right, I just saw a project on plasma at the flagship university here (on pbs)... expensive and I wonder what it is trying to do (make a sun) yet at best it is a Jupiter of sorts as a small gain or source of radiation than say from the sun... But that is not the architecture of the sun and not a deep way to try for fusion... I mean are they hoping something does not shoot out but will try it anyway? Now, it seems there are undergrads to be inspired to continue on perhaps work with this project. Odd thing is I imagine a way that we could do it (that or in principle every star flares up eventually)... the quality of the PhD's are not keeping up with what is known, and the use rare earth permanent magnets... while more and more students (not that engineering is a needed and desired degree these days - many foreign students seem to go thru this in the name of diversity I suppose... But where are our citizens who are not there when equal opportunity should be for all people not just the social view that claims to be science... where are those who had the abilities... we are exporting ignorance as well ... gone the days when someone could earn a PhD the old fashioned way... contributing original and fundamental knowledge?
* * * This comment made to philosophychatforum on facebook:
L. Edgar Otto It is not that we debate nothingness as philosophic time or vibrations in some Higgs-like physical plane as quantum mystical... but that the universe can vanish despite the pull of infinite potential possibilities - the fear of death if we do not realize the sensible world as both finite and infinite in real or imaginary tiime... and that limits we impose on ourselves and others in matters of science or philosophy is a reaction so we have to think about it to that which will not heed nor buy our narrow theories of everything. In higher dimensions, higher than neurology or this shell of an aware naked self, there is room for structures we might call a soul... but we cannot show if it is empty or full... not if we are aware we are real or illusion as a many layered mental whole. God has this problem if that mystery projects an image or we to the universe or Deity in that we may conceive Heaven as also material and Personal.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Physicality of Intrinsic Linearity in Superconductive Stereometries

Physicality of Intrinsic Linearity in
Superconductive Stereometries

L. Edgar Otto     10 October, 2013

In the maximal bonding of carbon, linearly, between atoms with 2+2 or 3+1 bonds, we should pose the question:  In what respects can it relate to superconductivity?

This I imagine intimately relates to the issues of artificial magnetism induced in graphene that considers the Bose condensates by virtue of holes in broken congruence field overlapping flat orthogonal structures that depends on the local (quasic) proximity of isotopes in the Bell assumptions of non-locality, thus thermodynamic symmetries.

In the principles of symmetry breaking, or conservation in the widest field of identities at a given dimension,  our models should be compared as to the grounding of matter with these more general principles of stereometry in mind.

In disconnects between with bridges between the generations and fundamental forces, we may have even higher exclusions such as magnetism where the combinations of generational hierarchies inter-relate across the given physical dimensions of standard forces.  But in matters of gravity or monopoles as ultimate these higher force considerations my analogously be ultimate exclusions to which we cannot explain by magnetism the evaporation of black holes even if that the last mechanism left to model.

This so mirrored implies at an entity of singularity or a sea of singularities, that which is superdetermined so looped and measured intelligibly as part of the teleology, dark matter and energy ideas, if substance in theory as well as physicality, as an analogy of the Fermi and Bose distinction at a higher level, are reasonably explained.

If this is not close or the Omnium as a theory of everything in the spirit of partial models half seen or half-hearted in our quest... what more can it be?

* * * * *
For a future project-
art adapted from recent Hubble data on Pluto... note a small circle at the top of a larger circle is one of the symbols for this planetary object. Generational spinning taken literally with 8 logical possibilities.

* * *

New terminology to consider in the hierarchy of Philosophic Continua  (Omnia):

Leo V.  This one I mentioned for your view...

L. Edgar Otto on fb status  Oct.10 :
I found a scrabble tile on the sidewalk today with the letter 'S' on it. I can turn it up and down or lazy horizontal... but I can turn it over as it has two sides. But if we were not sure it was mirrored on the other side which way would it be turned? Can all the abstract physics be this simple for those of us who for some reason (geeks, seekers?) think about such basic things? I mean, one or two sides the same thing or some group in between? What are the chances of tossing one like a die. What is quantum mechanics but that episode of the Twilight Zone where a guy buys a newspaper tosses in a coin that stands on edge all day and he can hear thoughts in other minds?

* * * *
Leo, am I wrong to reach so far into simplicity as well as a distant wider vision... it seems at the foundations we do dance between the simple geometry and the simple arithmetic of things.  We share in your model that in between sate I call quasi-finite and you imagine the raspberry principles of unity and multiplicity of universe?

In the quasic physics integers (not just from an intuitionist's view as they are in a sense classes) have elemental matrices of separated singularities... the issue (Leo see the scientific american with the conference in Vienna and the idea of superdeterminism deeper than quantum theory recently)  interview with 't Hooft sees the issues and the problem... except the quasic principle, a quasi discreteness as if a dimensionless possibility of scaleless superposition is suggested as a priori thus ideas of inflation for example are optional.   In the last illustration here we an also draw the four group down... it revolves around the observation that 24 25 26 27 28 where a square  is close to a cube... 26 in between... that is the level where the Pythagorean theorem is flatland.  Imagine  we can walk on the surface of the earth to reach the surface of the moon or any other sphere to which we may do so in the atomic world as if fluid layers and what we mirror or count in them.  Then ask is there or is there not ultimately something in between?  The extra count of singularities is like what is missing the the momentum of particle decay products... in the positive sense these are ghostly inferred neutrinos for example.


The great beauty in math for me, the fun stuff beyond the calculus that gets us back to the fertile soil of physical reality, was the grueling hopefully without errors thru long pages of eye straining hours with the faith to find connections then find one. It is most gratifying to do something someone said could not be done like solve the queens problem with no queen in a corner and it turns out to be overlooked before then. I am not much of a fan of doing puzzles of the kind that just passes time save that one piece can determine the whole or the last piece with a hole in the context can sometimes determine the piece- especially if the shapes are the same and we supply the needed difference. The Platonic solids were my great inspiration for my interest in math. Caught between teachers who did not agree with each other was instructive , for it turns out that Nature is a little dyslexic herself, not just how we turn and see the matrices around. In a sense the mathematical world and the physical world are both separate and one as a matter of taste- most controversies today are a misuse and dependence on the span and depth of statistics only when some things are facts to be discovered. Sooner or later despite proofs the most abstract of math finds it applications. While we are only limited by our imaginations anything we can imagine we can invent or discover, make and do in the physical world. It takes time too, the poet in me longs for more that I can seek the more, but the philosopher in me asks if there is more beyond our imaginations. Between the paper and the pen now falls the dark energy shadows to end a paper or presentation as today's epilogue as authors do in their last chapters so to inspire new students- and yes, lend them a hand. Not all things have to vanish into the cloud.   L. Edgar Otto  responding to link on math