Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Simple Counting and Null-dimensional Printing

A lot has happened since my last posting to this blog.  Note the the above illustration can take bounded or cylindrical, toric, moebius or other esoteric abstract ideal forms.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Off-Shell Communication and Navigation

Off-Shell Communication and Navigation
  (and Off-Cone Dreamikin Echolocation)

[An exercise in sci fi UFO intuitive logic between physics and fantasy.]

*The issues of Bell inequality is independent of positive effects and extents of our (Omnium) reality save where zero points in action in such dreamspace neutralize or effectively null points and total mass pass thru each other (which implies a strict barrier between such general worlds as the norm)
In reality the force of shifting values globally match the variably constant states of persistent and stable Being over omnic intervals (ideas of compression cannot simply be reduced to higher dimensional flatland as primary to one representation of duality as flatland as if fixed distances) we so define as time or space or the question of abstract form vs materialism beyond it as concave-convex, discrete or continuous in events of provisional unities.

*Consequently, the effects are at the instant of contact, spaciously, making indirect evidence of scale extent yet provide a grounding for experimental inquiry.

*From our physical reality an if and only if to abstract others the influence or awareness is limited in
how beings can interact with each other.

*A change, a bright or mirror dark half real calling beacon, can disrupt navigational location via sub-mass structures (as conceived in an absolutely empty vacuum also).  Or as an influence  and grounding by higher general scaling so too what we interpret or define as sentient entities.  This is the higher interpretation of what we ourselves in relation to higher physics strive to ground and define consciousness.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Hidden Theory Wars along the Sea Frontiers

Hidden Theory War (State of the Vision)

Some can see somewhere over the rainbow, can debate if black or red colors remain the same.  But most pass through event horizons, sensing something changed, anxious over fire or ending to empty oblivion unaware something has changed. Something perhaps hidden so outside their reality, totality as existing explained in their theory of everything.

Mirrors and shadows, as if one side of us is paralyzed, our arm from there across our chest must be another's arm or that of limbs lost in battle its shadow phantom lives.

Our falling is the difference in between, of that next beyond known backgrounds or phanerons. Of Mach, Newton, Einstein and Leibniz - even beyond the intuitions of Ramanujan our reference frame.

Theories are like the eternal Phoenix yet how many times the play of ashes, birth, and fire?  I read the parables of our confused messengers and messages, life seen a few steps further in the Omnium yet do not know if our hopes to become angels is more than a dead end with dead reckoning.

Now that the Omega begins to sleep again our hive colony breaks yet stands as one awhile, the philosopher in me trumps the scientists who as a part of the crackpot accusative divide where it can remain but none, that its denizens know in the transition the horizon of physics is transcended.

(Context of the thoughts behind this added poetically in comments to    Siri's song )

Friday, October 10, 2014

Synchronicity and Structural Physics

This section of the blog will archive the philosophic principles and abstract underlying assumptions and speculation I post here and elsewhere for a more unified foundation for stereonometry physics with emphasis on the alternative symmetry addressing our concepts of thermodynamics.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Empty Sea Shells

Empty Sea Shells
* * *
The pachyderms returned to the sea
to become dolphins, whales largest
in water as they on land, like sperms
They hear far away the low tones or
seek unique songs, echolocation
As gulls fly inland hear distant coasts
magnets in their beaks repel sky sharks
fleeing rare earth hidden things before bones
Not all in the pecking order of arrogance
survive, yet all like penguins fight to do so and
Cannot imagine by instinct's purpose, catastrophe
But that was sixty-five million years ago
blind to fear of cold rains of iridium
In rest keep warm, no sharks that must keep moving
back when Saturn's eternal rings formed

* * * *

Imperfect Sphere Sonnet
* * *
In the existential moment
we cannot know what is
Cause or what effect, what
is free-will or time determined chance
Necessity - a trap and yet an
escape thru forms  of imaginary
World's unstable at singularity
Yet of essence, beginnings, ends predicate
ultimate totality may vanish or transcend
Our collective soul half hidden
time waves over virial condensates
The defective individual so
amplifies light's and feeling's paradox
Thus works the universe, not otherwise
* *
My fallen sparrow, labyrinth your lost Earth
only the sound you make, head against a wall
Tells me what direction, your looping mind
anxiously avoiding, crossing, repeating
Words, fish bowl timed out yet seen infinite
yet you see me through the glass and cling
If I awaken love for you , my hope, I know
you must take wing
I'm yours if you want me to want you
life as my sister or my mate
Risking the healing stem in you that
October 1st may be too late.
* * * *

Light's Long Winters
* * *
Some live within the vanishing
at home with the outward darkness
Asked to learn as if a child in emptiness
remain a child by Time's leeward starkness
The sentient living world, explosions in exploding's
branches, rests, decays, consumes by burning
Recalling, prime the fiery pump, cold future yearnings
so easily set down as waters fall to crowded branching's
Until the span and roots, one great tree begun abundantly
returns to lightning heart struck soil a fairy ring
Into the upstart center sparks in echoes sing
in recapitulation's cradled flower dream redundancy
I, humble bee, kiss them in your mind's eye my reflections
Love's bond broken, banished, you hear no child's cry just
                          pearls one with their confections
* * * *
The Ferryman
* * *
When our paths cross in the moment
the universe of mirror, we separate, does not forget
Consciousness implied in the observer,
the ferryman, free to choose two ways
Yet follows only one beyond his choice
that the fox, chicken, and corn, only one
With him as he crosses rivers back and forth
so any two of them left on the bank horizons
Together are equal to each other and the third
Ley lines and the regions they describe
flatland as the colors four or on
The anchor ring seven colors, no cross overs
When light sleeps beyond the void am I still a part
Of Orenda, my shawled lady's brain, her rain barrel?
* * * *

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Thresholds of Replication, Event Intervals of General Space

Thresholds of Replication, Event Intervals of General Space

* * *
It occurs to me that nature may express itself by our alternative assumptions of physics that for some authors the interpretation of quantum theory progresses from nothingness, light, light with color, then something like extrasensory perception.  What this amounts to in the idea of general space from beginnings and endings over intervals of events is the question of thresholds of replication.  Can our experiments be repeated as evidence of a physical truth?  Can the physical facts of an experiment be rather the product of individual desire or collective consensus?
If, in the oil drop experiment, a scaling of sizes to measure a single electron, and as some report Milliken fudged the data, is this an accident that the data came out according to his desire, or well, belief? Does it make a difference to how nature may blend or isolate her contiguous laws? Can these not be ultimately interchangeable as to the continuous and discrete?
There is something unreasonable comfortable about clock time.  The binding of ritual and renewal of surprise that say the same people come each day the same way by me as I wait by the bus stop?  This may loop from our right and left brains as a form of anxiety or having been there before by a few blending seconds.  Or as general chirality we partition things including our dreaming into our right or non-right brains.  Some with strokes on one side of their bodies do not know they are not a bilateral organism.  Unlike the dolphins we cannot sleep only on one side of our brains while the other side is awake.  But clock time can seem a prison also, a repeating cycle that suppresses dampens into chaos, the stimulus of surprise.
If nature does has such a mysterious, and likely synchronous thermodynamic element what seems to guide our events and tilts it at times to the magically favorable and unfavorable as if the universe at least or our collective wills or the matter itself felt a sentient being. Part of the job of fundamental theory would then be in this struggle of competing models an extension into the past or the future to predict so far what were the possible laws and states of expression that seem absolute.  Without a record as evidence, one that is not false, the abstract memory or projections may be recoverable as what was the state of historical laws. Such can be our feeling of the otherworldly in forecasting or retro-engineering them beyond what we can actually say the state of the weather.
Although cold fusion, and in issues of plasma pinching for hot fusion too, while in theory the phenomenon is possible by quantum theory, a quasi-probability which is intermittent yet will not amplify the access to energy, over the "omnic interval" of central distance, minimum or maximum as well the conservation ideas seeming fixed as defined by symmetry, that we can partition events seems unreasonably to fix states and measure as if the general laws only locally admit pigeon holing of quantum information is possible over general chance and necessity.
Abstract space itself is said to be able to exceed light speed as if an instantaneous illusion or without preferred frames of at least the  illusion of higher dimensions energy balanced as a maximum or minimum length requiring ultimately a set standard value at some degree of definition.
In the Fibonacci convergences to 1 or 0 the numbers add in a way that on any layer, or for that matter any physics that makes concrete a sheet without preferred angles or connected directions in the totality the sequences can begin and contained from each level as a beginning it again. Thus the question of low or high dimensions or every other one as squared is at the foundations conceptually something that can be the same thing.
That in the totality of a law, the ubiquity of gravity, the fixity of mass, as laws of physicality these may be the same thing. It is perhaps that some particles exist yet at the foundation are interchangeable such as the varieties of neutrinos and electrons observable only by the logic of our models.  Yet such shadow evidence may be there indirect without recourse to the reality we cling to sorting the particle dust, or that gravitons exist as if the physical universe itself is in a sense something we as scientists confuse with what may be more mysterious.
Journalism then is the quality of honesty and careful reporting as the ideal of science, yet is a language that in the passing of a message may be part of the general errors found in the translation. Yet nothing seems to forbid the messages not capable in the service of belief to defend and influence others for some agenda.  Technology, say a form of quantum computation alone, is beyond the issue of privacy and moral grounding of our traditions. For our instrumentation may not be a barrier between the state and what a sentient being is where the awareness vanishes or once transcending by the technology it can directly access the mainframe of higher physical laws.

* * * *

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sagicorn in Tailspin (Part II) Perturbations

Sagicorn in Tailspin (Part II)   Perturbations
* * *
Professor Whitman rose to present his paper before the public
and his peers of the Progressive and Dialectical Natural Philosophy Society.
"Fellow space masters and aspiring knaves,
we hope that we will disturb the set
Thoughts of your continuum and thereby
bring the songs of light to light that we
Can measure indirect evidence for the
source and structures of still hidden things.
Our current visions follow down speculative
uncertain paths, separately, we building
Them running concepts into the ground
of deeper ends still too deep into the chaos.
You may note in the tug of war between
the raw verse of Shakespeare and of Goethe
Marching formally to the music of the twilight
of the gods, my free verse stands midway,
A compromise, Tycho Brae-like which orbs
dance around the Earth as center of the
Universe, which rhythms cause our
feet to dance even if we do not recognize the jazz.
I cannot guarantee, this side of cautious
dreaming if all is coincidence and only by
Accident we find Neptune from Uranus implied
but any errors are the fault of the author
Or perhaps ours and imperfect image we
transcend in principle further from
The mysterious Will, sources Alpha and Omega
of the lonely Creator God.
With due respect for Dr. Rodin, his glory
of the Kiss and of all thinkers,
The whole can be our colossus carved idols
as one, as well the parts assembled
That ultimately gravity divides from
electric sparks, twitching frogs severed legs
Tree toads we taste or toad stools of changing
colors to the context in stealth our forms and functions
Changing too the rise and fall of dreams, Frankenstein's
Hopeful monsters on a tight rope, hanging chain,
in the anguish of Faust that to this world
He does not belong - fire good, fire bad.
I propose then a radical compromise between the
large lambda cosmological constant, CC transliterated
and the small lambda of Casmir force, ll a compromise
On the question of minimum distance - rather
a center, a quasi-interval of monster dimensions drawn out
As far as we may see, deeper than our inborn sense of geometry,
A little deeper than Compton of flatland and Fermi
dreams of limitless dimensions or expansions.
Before you is a box of six sides, but what is the
length of its diagonal if its shadow vacuum is filled?
The tallest spire can be placed within it, so too if the
light is adsorbed to wander awhile in a lost internal earth.
Yet this is but one of many views, w can
unfold it outward as well, so imagine
Many worlds and multiverse our choice between them
nature made of noise, scaleless but with imperfections
Binding both the high and low dimensions
of an abstract atom, symmetries, conservation,
Broken rules of imagined renormalization
which led Holy Planck to ponder the discrete
The eleven states of ice, 9 and 1, some stable, complete
so enters quantum theory - but what of the
Other end of the 120 elements, the electrons
inside their twelve fold and simple five fold rhombihedra?
While there is more than space's natural elements
more mass-less less space, more space - less mass,
Even a little more than natural elements
ultimately and asymptotically conserving the
Physical, the electron shells are the four space dodecahedral
polytope and the nuclear shells the half 600 dual of tetrahedra.
What is not physical we cannot disprove by today's models.
not where the sparks and gravity both either discrete or one
So the laws resonate up, down, to proton, flowers, body cells.
As if we know everything, this generation of higher flight.
we are an anxious species not putting what is
Known together when it comes to what may
end us as a species, like the black hole in our
Hearts moving, distorting the background
of stars, or the asteroids we may not
Deflect from gravity's keyholes so that they
fall into to reversals of potential and kinetic
No unified theory of kinematics, all
these same doom end's we may perturb
More than predict how likely the scatterings
even for the comets in the higher clouds of Pluto.
So it is perhaps not that in ignorance we
fancy we hold the theory of everything, but that which
We know god-for-sure copper, we lazing
reptiles with tri-chambered hearts soaking up the sun
Our cosmic heartbeats does not heed.
Thank you for listening. There will be no
questions you should not try to answer on your
Own, nor advice which paths to follow, which
laurels or dead ends.  The city council
Now decrees funding shared with the sciences
as well the established arts, so stick to your
Soldiering guns if your are of that persuasion for in
the big picture what of time you have to put on
The white-boards or the canvass, work for and
count on one chance your painting and on yourself.
The next lecture, after coffee and cookies
will be given by professor Vonnegut
Concerning quantum cat cradle's and other
string theories with a little entertaining legerdemain."
* * * *